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This section focuses on In-Boxes and Out-Boxes, In-Box, in-boxes, Out-Box, out-boxes, Sort, Stacking Trays, Trays

Geometry Supplies, Hole Punchers, In-Boxes and Out-Boxes, Ink Bottles, Label Maker, Magnifying Glasses, Mail Delivery, Measurement, Memos, Messages, Notepad, Organizer Daytimer, Overhead Projectors, Paper, Paper Cutters, Pencil Sharpeners, Pencils, Pens, Photocopiers, Pushpins Tacks, Rolodex, Rubber Stamps, Scissors, Shredder, Staple Removers, Staplers, Typewriters, Water Coolers

CoolClips Photos and Illustrations are available as 5" x 7" 72 dpi screen resolution, ideal for web and print applications requiring easy-to-apply images.

Raster JPG Graphics
Bitmap graphics are sometimes referred to as "digital," raster, or paint graphics. The advantage of a bitmap over a vector is that it can represent a much more complex range of colors and shades providing photographic detail. Digital cameras and scanners produce bitmaps, as are most of the graphics you see on the internet.
JPG format allow whole images to be rotated, edited, cropped, filtered and scaled using virtually all Photo raster editing applications including programs that include editing tools like Microsoft Office, Adobe graphic products plus many others.

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